This Wiki  serves as a digital archive for the North Country Fair and as a celebration of 40 years of great and always interesting years running, volunteering  and attending the North Country Fair.

This Wiki is hosted by the Lesser Slave Lake North Country Community Association.

Technical Detail: The wiki runs on TikiWiki LAMP suite. Here is the description provided by the TIKIWIKI Open Source Community who develop the site:"Tiki is a web-based, multilingual, wiki and content management system (CMS) tightly integrated with a comprehensive set of groupware features. It is Free / Libre / Open Source Software (FLOSS) created by a large, international development team.

Tiki includes hundreds of well integrated features - in most situations Tiki "does it all", you do not need to find other software to fill in a missing piece. Because of this, with Tiki you can easily create all types of collaborative application: web sites, portals, knowledge bases, and intranets and extranets. Tiki's web-based, graphical interface makes it easy to configure the features you need. Tiki's enormous set of features allows you to have the confidence that it will adapt well to all your requirements now and in the future."

Contact: To obtain editting status or the ability to add content,  please  contact wikiadmin@northcountryfair.ab.ca

The Current wiki admin is Terry Anderson  terrydanderson2@gmail.com