how to edit or add to this Wiki

Thanks for your interest in helping to build this Wiki.

The NCFWiki runs on a very powerful (and popular) Wiki system known as Tikiwiki.  It can support many types of communications and has many features- most of which you likely will never need or use.

The NCFWiki- desperatly needs contributions.  We encourage anyone who has been to the North Country Fair to share a story, photo, memory, program, poster or whatever.

The first step for a contributor is to register and to ask to become an editor. Editing allows you to add new content and and as well, to edit pages that others have entered. To  register on the site- click on the small Log in icon on the top right of the WIKI screen.  Follow the instruction and you should become a registered user. You will recive an email from the server requesting that you validate your email address. You do this by clicking the link in this welcome email.

Next you should email admin@northcountryfair.ab.ca and ask to become an editor.

When you have editor status, you may edit any of the pages on the wiki. Don't worry too much about making a mistake, as you (or others) can turn the page to an earlier version, if things get mucked up.

To start a new wiki page, you can create it by clicking under Wiki on the left side menu.  Give your new page a name and start entering text, videos or uploading pictures.  You can preview the new page - but make sure you save it.   

You may wish to add your wiki sub page to a page created by someone else - for example to add a story to a particular Year page. To create a sub page, go to the page you want your contribution linked to, edit that page (click edit at bottom of page)  and type the name of your existing page or a new page you want to create. IMPORTANT- the name of the new page needs to be enclosed in double round brackets - two of these (  before and ) at the end of the new page name. Here is an example   title of my new page  The double brackets  indicate to TIKIWIKI that the a link is to be created with whatever name you have given your page, or if no page exiists clicking on the link (after it has been saved), allows you to begin editing the new page.

If you wish you can practice editing by clicking the link title of my new page above and test out the editing.

Good luck and please let me know if you have trouble or questions.

Terry Anderson - admin at northcountryfair.ab.ca